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Award winning mobile application

TMPL is a service that creates a better, more sustainable living for tenants. Advanced technical solutions, built with top modern technologies, enables a symbiosis between neighbours, businesses and real estate companies. Apartments Sensors and actuators are built into apartments and connected to the cloud. This is all handled through a smart hub that connects devices from difference manufacturers into one seamlesslyworking unit. Lamps, door locks, sound system and air conditioning are a few things that managed by the system. Larms and magnet sensors can also be integrated to enable live notifications when an alarm kick off.


The App

The core of the service is a simple yet powerful native mobile application, built using the lastest technologies and frameworks in mobile development. A high performance application with unique design and fluent animations has put this app at the front end of todays apps.

Home Control

The residents control their homes using the app in a convenient way through a control panel in the app. Simple switches and themes can be configured to connect several features and unique scenes. With a single touch of a button, you can dim all lights in a room. Or how about waking up to a fresh cup of coffee every morning?


Every apartment can monitor their daily consumption of water and electricity in real time. They can even compare their numbers to their neighbours, benefitting both the environment and their wallet.

Social Feed

Communicating with neighbours is done through a feed, similar to Facebook, where users can post ideas, share knowledge and highlight events.


Ordering food from a local restaurant can simply be done through the app. Check their menus, place an order and a few minutes later the food will be delivered to your door step.

Digital folder

Documents and contracts connected to the tenant and the apartment are securely stored in the TMPL cloud. This eliminates the need to keep a physical copy of such papers.
Guess what, you can even check the mailbox, right within the app!


The system is build using modular cloud architecture that scales independently to handle increases in all aspect of system usage. It utilises encryption standards and complex database structures while serving clients in a high performance manner.

Internet of Things IoT

The concept of IoT is connecting any device to the internet. This includes anything from cellphones, coffee makers, lamps, wearable devices and washing machines, basically anything with an on and off switch. Having these devices connected enables them to work together facilitating your everyday life.

“Guldmobilen 2017”
(The Golden Mobile Award 2017)

“Mobilgalan” is a Swedish annual event to premier great efforts within the mobile industry. The event is held by the end of each year and prizes are handed out within many different fields, each with several nominees. The prestigious award is called “Guldmobilen” or The Golden Mobile. Previous winners include Spotify, Skype and Swish.

TMPL won the 2017 years award within “Connected Buildings of the Year”.

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