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Länsförsäkringar Bank

A multi-award winning mobile banking app with cutting edge features and a customer satisfaction rate that is off the charts. App Shack acted as subcontractors to Daresay Digital Agency.

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5th Largest Bank in Sweden

App Shack reinforced the existing team of developers at Daresay that was responsible for the LF Mobile Bank app. Our combined work has lead to LF having the most satisfied customers in the country. App Shack had an influential role in the team that consisted of over 20 people, including product owners, testers, designers and developers. Together with the rest of the Daresay mobile team, App Shack helped implemented the following features among others.

Quick Balance & Transfer Widget

A modern feature that allows you to make quick transfer from/to preselected accounts. It can also be used this feature to see the balance of the main account - all through a simple yet powerful widget.

Savings Navigator

The savings navigator allows you to predict at date and time your preset savings goal will be reached, and how much money you will have saved at a certain point in the future given the current recurring savings. The savings goal is visualized with a beautiful graph complemented by extensive yet concise information

Siri Voice Over

This feature allows you to transfer money quickly and seamlessly using Siri.

Secure Messages

This feature enables you to request banking errands via encrypted messages between you and the Bank. This is visualized using a typical two-way conversation similar to modern chat apps.